Artist Series

When I was asked which bottle from Chesapeake Bay Distillery I would like to recreate, it was a no brainer.  I remembered living near Chick’s Beach as a kid and seeing the strange poles sticking up just off the sandbars and wondering what they were. Dad told me it was an old way of fishing with nets called pound netting.  That is a truly authentic part of what Chick’s Beach was and still is. I thought that representing pound netting on the Chick’s Beach Rum bottle would be a good direction to go.  

This label is a tribute to the generations of hard working watermen and women who have made a living and provided for their families working on the Chesapeake Bay. 

- Josh Malbon









Troy Summerell, aka OnieTonie™, is an International, Virginia Beach-based artist who strives to positively impact the community with happy, playful designs that feature bold colors and crisp black lines. Inspired by the ocean and surf culture, OnieTonie™ has hand-painted a number of large scale, exterior murals throughout Hampton Roads including the ViBe Creative District. His artwork can also be found in CHKD's Health Center at Landstown as well as decorating CHKD's Transport Ambulances, bringing smiles to young patients who need positive imagery during uncertain and challenging times.

"This was a great opportunity to be involved in Chesapeake Bay Distillery's 'Artist Series' and check off a bucket list item of doing a commercial label. The label design combines some signature OnieTonie™ imagery and characters with a fun play on the Chesapeake Bay Distillery Cardinal logo and the OnieTonie™ Smiling Fish. It was also awesome to do a limited print of the black and white version of the label for people to color in and add an interactive element to an already fun collaboration project like this. It really turned out great and I'm glad OnieTonie™ could be a part of the series and really look forward to seeing the other ones that come out in the future." - Troy Summerell, OnieTonie™ Designs