Spirits of the Blue Ridge Vodka:  This is our flagship product and was one of Virginia’s first gold medal products.   Our vodka is corn based and gluten free.

Ghost Pepper Infused Vodka:  Smoked ghost peppers are dried and soaked in Spirits of the Blue Ridge vodka for the infused concentrate.  This very versatile spirit mixes well with citrus, ginger and makes a killer Bloody Mary! 

Lemon Liqueur:  With Spirits of the Blue Ridge as the base, we then add 8 fresh squeezed lemons to each bottle.   This “adult lemonade” is a must try! 

Chick’s Beach Rum:  Made with organic panela sugar and wild yeast from the beach, our rum yields a truly unique flavor.  

Mutiny Island Vodka: This is the world’s first breadfruit vodka.  Breadfruit, also known as “the island potato” is high in starch with tasting notes of honeydew, citrus and banana.  This truly is one of a kind!

Dr. Stoner’s Fresh Herb Vodka: This crazy good spirit is infused with 19 herbs and spices with primary aromas of basil, pine and hops.  Corn based and gluten free.   

Dr. Stoner’s Smoky Herb Whiskey: With a light American whiskey base, this contains 19 herbs and spices and 4 charred grasses.   Aromas of coffee, caramel and cherry promise to delight.  

Dr. Stoner’s Heirba Loca Blue Agave Tequila: Also infused with 19 herbs and spices, this tequila base is made from Highland Webber Blue Agave imported from Jalisco Mexico.